White Christmas !

8th December 18:00

The first snow of the winter season fell this evening.To enjoy it, my wife and I sat in front of the window sipping cocktails watching the large white flakes trickle to the ground, like it always seems to do in fairytales.It was quite romantic and reminded me of when we were first married, and its beauty reminded me of how much I love it when it snows.


9th December

We woke up this morning to a white landscape all around us.The snow had covered everything.What an amazing view!I am so grateful that we moved here; It was the best idea I have had!I donít think there could be anyplace more beautiful.I felt like a young boy again... excitedly grabbing my snow shovel and shoveling the driveway.This afternoon the snowplow came by and plowed the road, and I went outside again to shovel the snow it had pushed onto the entrance of our driveway.

10. December

The sun melted all of our snow today Ė what a disappointment!My neighbor, Bob, told me not to make a fuss about it because we are sure to have a white Christmas this year.I just canít imagine a Christmas without snow!Bob told me that weíll have snow until the end of the winter, and that come Spring, I wonít ever want to see snow again.I donít think thatís possible!Bob is really nice and Iím glad that heís our neighbor.

14. December

Snow, wonderful snow!30cm last night.The temperature dropped to -20 Grad, which made everything icy and glittery.Itís so cold that the air freezes your breath, but luckily I stayed warm by shoveling.This is the life!The snowplow came again and plowed everzthing.I never realized how much snow Iíd have to shovel.Iím really getting in shape!I wish I didnít have to shovel and blow snow so much...


15. December


They predict 60cm of snow.I sold my stationwagen and bought a Jeep with snow tires for my wife.I also filled up the fridge.My wife wants a woodstove in case the electricity goes out, but how silly!Itís not like weíre in Alaska!

16. December

We had an ice storm this morning.I went out to put salt on the front path and driveway and fell right on my backside!It hurts like hell, even though my wife laughed for an hour at me.How cruel of her!

17. December

The temperature remains below freezing.The streets are too icy to go anywhere, and the electricity did go out Ė for five hours.I have to walk around covered in a blanket so I wonít freeze.No TV.Nothing to do.My wife just stares, and I think Iím annoying her.I think we should have bought the woodstove... I hate that when sheís right!I hate it when I have to freeze in my own living room!

20. December

We have our electricity back but tomorrow itís suppose to snow 40 more cm on top of the stuff from last night!More shoveling.Yesterday it took the entire day to shovel.The snowplow came by twice yesterdayÖ!I even tried to get the neighbors to help me shovel some but they donít have any time because they have to place ice.I think theyíre lying...


I looked to buy a personal snowplow but they donít have anymore and wonít be getting any until March.I think that theyíre lying.


Bob told me that I have to shovel or the city does it and will charge me for it.I think that heís lying.

22. December

Bob was right about having a white Christmas because last night 30cm more of that white stuff fell.Itís so cold that it probably wonít melt until August!It took me 45 minutes for me to get ready to shovel.But then I had to go to the bathroom.By the time I got undressed, used the bathroom, and got dressed again, I was too tired to shovel.I tried to get Bob to bring his own snowplow over on his truck, but he said that he has too much to do.I think that the bully is lying.

23. December

It only snowed 10cm today, and it warmed up to 0 degrees.My wife wanted me to decorate the house today.Is she crazy?I donít have any time!I have to shovel!!!!!Why didnít she tell me a month ago?She said she did but I think sheís lying.

24. December

20 centimeters!The snow is so thick and clumped together that I broke the shovel.I thought Iíd have a heart attack!Then comes the snowplow.. I see him plow through the snow like an egg!I know exactly that behind the corner heís waiting until Iím done shoveling.Thenīhe comes down the street at 150km/h and blows all the snow back where I just shoveled!This evening my wife wants to sing Christmas songs and open gifts with me, but I donít have any time.I have to clean up after the snowplow.

25. December

Merry Christma.60 centimeters more from the Ą$/%)=$ß@*!The thought of a shovel makes my blood boil.I hate snow!!Then the snowplow-man came by and asked for a donation.I hit him over the head with my shovel.My wife said that Iím a bad man.I think that sheís an idiot.If I have to hear Wolfgang Petrz one more time, Iím going to kill her!

26. December

Weíre still snowed inÖ why in the world did we move here??It was all her idea.She gets to my nerves.

27. December

The temperature dropped to -30 degrees and the dam froze.

28. December

It warmed up to -5 degrees.Weíre still snowed in.The age makes me crazy!

29. December

30 more centimeters, again.Bob says that I need to shovel the roof or it will collapse.Thatís womanly of him to say... how stupid does he think I am?

30. December

The roof collapsed today.The snowplowman is charging me for 50.000 euros for personal damages.My wife went to her motherís place.Theyíre predicting 25 centimeters of snow.

31. December

I sold the house.No more shoveling.

8. January

Iím good.I like these small pills that they gave me.Why am I chained to the bed??








Translated by Emily Ė Grade 12