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The following has attracted our  attention, looking at  data taken over the course of a few days:

Kurvendiagramme der Wetterdaten der Versuchstage                                    Sonnenaufgang in Roringen am Tag der Messungen                                1 Stunde nach dem Sonnenaufgang am Tag der Messungen
Temperature graph                                       Sunrise                                    1 hour after sunrise            
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The atmospheric temperature at sunrise, measured at an altitude of two meters went down, though it would have been expected to rise due to the sun's warmth.

Furthermore, the early mornings were either clear or had light cloud cover. The wind blew gently (1-8km/hr) or not at all, and the relative air humidity in this period of time reached between 75 and 90%.

And so our question: How can this phenomenon be explained?

After some research, and above all thanks to our countless responses, we can finally show you the explanation  for this complex phenomenon.


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