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2000: Here are the pioneers of our weather
club. From left to right: Konrad, Fabian, Arne, Alexander, Marcus, Sebastian, Felix and Fabian.

2003: Jonas was interviewed when the show Nano (shown on channel 3sat) came for a visit. Greetings to the show’s makers in Leipzig! 

2005: Clemens and Nikolai taking a well earned break during the website’s construction.

2005: Anna preparing part of the display in front of the Geography Classroom .

2005: Tobias doing research on the web “Who provides the best weather forecast?”

2005: Michael, Alex and Nils during our first
foray into the world wide web

2006: The web-team Eric, Clemens and  Nikolai
standing in front of their workstation 


 31st of May 2006:  we were interviewed by "N-Joy" for the competition "Plietsch" in which we participated and won the second place.
Despite the sympathic diversion in the background Bruno was able to informate "N-Joy"competently.  If you want to know what he told them please click here. INTERVIEW

2006: Once again our Weather-Club was one of the highlights at the schools open day ( in all modesty ).
If you want to know more, then please click on the photo above.


2009: The result of our „Youth does research“ work: Our assumption was that the quantity of lightning has to do with the acidity in rain clouds. Click here to see what we found out after endless experiments.


Some members of the weather study group were looking for the secret on the roof of the sek II building


: Paula, Mikal and Eva started the fire vortex, with great zeal. The young visitors were really amazed.


2012: The experts of the weather club taking a short break before getting back to their „hard“ work (click on the photograph to zoom in).


2014: At the award ceremony of the innovation price (district Göttingen). It would have been really great...


2015: The DLR school lab’s tornado course, which was built in cooperation with the weather club, was one of the main attractions at the „Second night of knowledge“


2016: Florian (on the right) and Jonah (middle) are editing a very fancy videoclip: „The ancient refrigerator“.
Hakan is about to configurate an article for the big compendium „Botanic treasures of the region“, written by Mr. Hartmann.

Who we are and what we do:

We gather and process meteorological information.  Every week, approximately 8 to 10 students meet to find out about the weather.


weather station has been installed on the 
highest point of our school building, the FKG Tower.We receive our data via radio signal, which is then processed and stored on a computer in the school.  Temperature, precipitation, sunshine duration, wind direction and force - among others - are recorded.


             An electronic display has been installed next to the showcase in front of the geography classrooms on the first floor, displaying current meteorological information which has been gathered by the FKG Tower and processed by a computer.  The display was financed by the school's "Förderkreis", a parent initiative to sponsor school activities. The computer, used exclusively by us, was sponsored by the Volksheimstätte Göttingen (Thank you!) The computer runs 24 hours/day processing current meteorological data.




We offer individual weather forecasts (up to 4 days) for nearly every place in Germany/Europe for both students and teachers at FKG.


We have also participated in both national and international competitions, for example, "Join Multimedia" (Siemens) , Plietsch (NDR) and "Der goldene Floh."  We have even received prices and awards there.

We are particularly proud of the fact that the television stations 3sat and NDR filmed our work here at FKG, then turned it into a 4-minute and a 6-minute segment, titled "Kachelmanns Erben" and "Göttinger Wetterforscher" on the program "Nano." and "Hello Niedersachsen".


Everyday an average of 80 people visits our page – upward trend.
On the 23.12.2009 we were visited by 342 people who certainly wanted to know whether we would have a white Christmas.
The day with the most visits up to now was the 16.12.2010 as the snow low-pressure area “
Petra” passed by. Many students probably hoped that there were no lessons at the FKG because of the weather. Even far from Göttingen our page is selected in the internet: In Novosibirsk  some Russians with german background decided to move to Germany. To find a proper school for their children, they did a research on the internet. Many towns (among them Göttingen) were an option. They decided to go to the FKG in our pretty town because you can also read the website of the weather-club in Russian.


Every time there are exchange students form Perth (Australia) during Christmastime, the number of visitors increases, as the Australian parents want to know whether there is snow and their children can experience the snow for the first time.

Even in  serious matters our page is inquired:Advocates need our page often in lawsuits like traffic accidents where weather is relevant (e.g. very bad rainfall)
because – as they say – our page would be a lot more precises than the one form the DWD (German weather service).


Yet we have to say clearly that all the data is not from a public authority but can give information about the actual weather situation.

If there is any insured loss, the injured also ask us about specific data ( e.g.  wind speed, precipitation amount) which we certainly like to provide.

More exiting was the following event: The whole crew of the DLR (German aerospace center) Göttingen was sent home before the windstorm Kyrill because of our gale warning. That was absolutly necessary as roof tiles were flown from the roofs in town at midday.

Furthermore our weather data already helped to complete a dissertation of a PhD. student in agricultural science – topic: “The acclimatization of  agriculture”
And we were asked whether a photo which we put online could be used for a  thesis in

In February 2010  some students from the FKG (among them two from the weather-club) went to Denmark within the Comenius-Project. This is a European project which is supported by the EU. Students from all over Europe should work together on different projects about environmental sustainability. After a long journey they arrived in Vester Skerninge, a small village in Denmark, at their host families. Of course they went to the  partner school of the FKG and there were also students from the other schools in Portugal and IrelandThe girls from the Irish girl's grammar school where were  amazed about the informal ways in the Danish school as they were used to a more strict way with school uniforms etc. In addition our students had to get used to calling the teachers with their first names . As they came back they told us enthusiastic about their trip.
In 2011 there will be a big farewell activity/event in Göttingen in the FKG.
In September 2010 the weather-club celebrated its 10th anniversary. Six former weather-club members who participated from the beginning met again after several years. It was a fun afternoon and an even funnier evening where you could often hear words like “Do you remember...”.

Since May 2011 we have a cooperation with a french weather club. The students of the "cité scolaire" in Béziers also conduct research about tornadoes. We regularly exchange ideas and mutally translate our articles that often published on our websites. Take a look!

In spring 2013 we got the unique opportunity to replace our rather frail station with a brand-new Davis weather station! Placing it on the rooftop was fairly easy, but installing the new software sometimes brought us to the brink of despair. But eventually, il worked!

We also cooperate with the School_Lab (DLR) where we help with the development of some models dealing with tornadoes.

We have already been part of the "Night of Science" twice (in 2013 and 2015)!

We are especially happy about all the informations and photographs provided since 2015 by Mr. Hartmann, former FKG teacher, who informs and shows us magnificient pictures of seasonal and regional plants.


yours sincerely




Reports by Weather-club members

rather entertaining:

rather scientific:

  Here we are setting up our first
weather station near the schoolgarden. 

2002: At the “Golden Flea” competition in Hildesheim, where we won an award! From left to right: (Front row: Konrad, Renate, Anna, Hendrik
Back row: Jonas, Matthias, Fabian, Mr. Langkeit

2003: At the club BBQ (from left to right) Lennart (a big hello to Lübeck), Stefan, Clemens, Nils, Lenaic (..and one to Hungary), Jonas, Christian and Alex.

2003: Preparing ourselves for the Siemens Join Multimedia competition.

2004: Another BBQ: Steffi, Lenaic,  Michael, 
Antje , Anja
, Lucas, Julian, Rebecca , Alex, Nils.


2010: The weather study group members having a constructive break during the 10th anniversary of the school_lab of the DLR. We showed interested guests models of fire tornadoes and fog vortex  (see article on „Tornado in a casserole“)(from above to below and left to right: Lisa, Julia W., Julia H., Meentje, Leonie and Torge)


In September
2010, the new members of the weather study group interviewed Mr. Meyer about the photovoltaic system that was installed on the roof of one of the FKG buildings. (click here for the interview)


2013: In spite of bitter cold, the repeater needs to be supplied with a new battery!


2013: In a great heat we helped to install the new weather station on top of the music tower at a hight of 25 meters - it was a lot of fun!


2014/15: Over a period of many months we made a film with the telling title „Much commotion about a dream“. What could it be about? The title already tells a lot..


2015: During our project week, we could finally finish the movie „Following the secret“ that we had started in 2010. Compare this photograph with the one of 2011 (at the left top corner). They have changed a little, haven’t they?

Unknown member of the weather study group undertaking a hopeless attempt to get a smile out of you. Unfortunately, he is always alone. Maybe that is because he has got such an extreme viewpoint?
For example, he believes in having found the proof for global warming!!!!

-I want to have a look at it!

He has got two theories about the future climate in Göttingen/ the FKG

-    desert climate (click here)
-    pluvial climate (click here)
thanks to Jochen Pietsch!!!

Our special member of the weather study group seriously believed that global warming had some advantages, for example, he was of the opinion that he could be in summer and winter at the same time. He got photographic evidence with a lot of witnesses in it!!! Could it be possible after all?

Do you want to have a look at it?
(x)    No, I am not interested!
(x) Yes, I would really like to know about it!

(c) by Nikolai and Eric