Summer 2000

10 years – weather club

10 Jahre spaeter
Summer 2010

       Meeting of the first members of the weather club (2000-2010)

in September 2010

10 years after the construction of the first weather station at the FKG in September 2000 they are here again: The 6 pioneers of the weather club.

They arrived from Leipzig, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Göttingen, older, with a beard or shaved but still unmistakable and in a very good mood.

All of them (still) students who soon will have their master or PhD in physics, philosophy or enter the world of work.
Men between
24 and 25. Nearly everyone in a relation ship but no one married.

It's amazing they all set out to celebrate the round existence of a small club at the FKG.


What was it, that they all set of for a long journey to have a few hours of being together and reminiscing?

It was sort of a coincidence that they entered the club as ninth years in 2000. Mr. Langkeit, their former french and geography teacher, asked them whether they wanted to construct a weather station and they agreed. Digging, sawing and stewing, step by step the weather station and the feeling of doing something special for the schoolarose. Then the first measurements were evaluated and the group presented them in the foyer. Next the weather forecast was shown in video clips. The club took part in competitions (like Goldener Floh, Umweltschule and Unterricht innovativ) and even received prizes which were proudly presented.

It took a lot more time until the club went online with their own homepage. Slowly the memory size increased from few MB to GB and the number of users  grew over more than 100.000. Until today the page is still developing.

Im Klassenraum
from left to right:Arne, Fabian, Jonas, Konrad and Sebastian

In the end first of all it probably was the feeling of doing something extra/ reasonable for the students which is interesting and secondly the team spirit which was very well in the group.

So they met for this occasion: 10 years after the “ground-breaking ceremony”.

On this 18 of September Mr. Langkeit welcomed the group and summarized the work of the weather club in numbers: During 10 years there were more than 300 meetings in the afternoon even during vacation. All in all far more than 100 students participated. During one year there were even 22 participants.

3 times they were invited to TV shows – once on 3sat and twice on N3 and 10 self made clips like “Tornados from the Pot” were made.

Even the newspaper caught attention of the club: you can see 7 articles on the homepage which took 4 years to arrange: Information about the weather in 8 different languages: German, French, English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese; the display of the current data (German, English, Spanish, French).

During the meeting everyone talked and laughed a lot about memories some of them have already almost forgotten: Many sentences started with “Do you still remember...”. After visiting the school which changed a lot during the last 10 years (manned and structural), they went to the “Kartoffelhaus” where conversations about the club and personal stuff were hold. There's the rumor that some were still seen downtown at 5 am.

from left to right: Konrad, Fabian and Sebastian during eating

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