The whole truth about the

        fallen over tree on Lotzestraße.



How could a tree on Lotzestraße fall over??


The Göttinger Tageblatt (the local daily newspaper) ran a story stating simply that

the wind was the main cause.

But the GT wrote only half of the truth.



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The wind-speed was a mere 45km/h.  The cause must lie somewhere else.

The tree was a case of uprooting.


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Its place still occupies the ground, and the stump is naturally twisted.



In this case, one sees by the means of an airpressure cavity, the wind (and its direction) was violently twisting at this point and time.



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 Windspeed: 45 km/h; Air pressure: 1003 hPa; at the time of the event: 1006 hPa; afterwards: 1005 hPa




 But why would only this tree fall over and not others?

In the case of the tree, two houses stood around it forming a sort of a wind-lock.

The wind, with its movement, twists the top of the tree, then through which the roots and the tree are separated.

The other trees were not in this wind-lock and therefore, were not affected.




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