The brightest school children were sought after-
WE were found!


Now we should pay extra attention to the bright pupils. „Plietsch“, which also means clever, was also the name of the programme, in which the prize giving on 27 June 2006 in Lüchow, to which we were invited to, was supposed to be shown. There we would finally hear of our ranking. 


As we arrived in Lüchow, small refreshments had been prepared for us, and we then dedicated ourselves to the hard work.

After a short briefing about the filming, other school children came into the Lüchow Gymnasium hall. Now it was serious, every scene was repeated many times until it was finally on camera.

Then the secret was lifted, we were runners up. This was something to be proud of. With this achievement we made our way home with new pluck for a new project.

Text: Sina R., 10f, Layout: Baran D, 10f, 2006 
Translated by Jonathan Dumaurier

We, from the Weather- AG, also presented our project. At long last followed the prize presentation, and we were to finally hear the jury's decision. The excitement mounted...

So we got on our way on the said date, taking presentation materials with us and we were excited about what would be waiting for us in Lüchow. Five more participants got on at Wolfsburg and were also part of one of the top three teams.

Our Wetter- AG created it. Our participation in the competition and the 'Nobel prize 2047' category allowed us, the jury, in which culture-minister Bernd Busemann was also present, to be convinced.