Welcome to FKG (Felix-Klein-Gymnasium)

We're an enviromental-oriented school in Europe and were a partnerschool in the FIFA World Cup 2006.  During the World Cup we were the partner school from team Mexico, as they were hosted and had their training camp in Göttingen.

Here's the main building, where the 7-13th grades hold their lessons.  The younger students (5th and 6th grade) are in another, smaller building, known as the "the small Felix."  FKG has 1400 students and 100 faculty.

In addition to normal classes, FKG offers the possibility to its students to
take bilingual and science focused courses.

Our school also has a large garden with a soccer field, a place for grilling, and a small pond.  Further from the school is a field with fruit trees, where in Summer one can observe the school's sheep.

The arts don't excite everyone, but it seems to amuse these two girls.

This is one of our two large gyms/sport hall.  Every class has P.E. class for two periods in the week.  Here an 8th grade bilingual class has P.E. class, where they're practicing for a  tournament.

Here is our cafeteria, where at the same time it offers a place to go for students who have free periods.  In the afternoon students can buy a meal here, but many go to the backery or to the pizzeria near the school.

Aside from courses and lessons there are also many other activities at FKG:
A variety of clubs, concerts, theatre, and one time during the year a large, school-wide open house.

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Translated by: Emily, 12te Stufe