Damage by Kyrill at the FKG

Due to a hurricane warning, today's lessons will end after the 4th period!
signed Häntsch

So rang the message from our headmaster Dr. Thomas Häntsch on 18 January 2007, as the heavy hurricane "Kyrill" blew across Germany and Göttingen, throwing the population into a state of fright and shock. This happened for a reason:  "Kyrill" is deemed to be the heaviest storm within the last 10 years. Across Germany devestating damage running into millions was caused and 11 lives were claimed. In north-eastern Germany around 110,000 homes were left without power, which according to E.ON-edis AG and Wemag in Fürstenwalde, was due to damaged power masts. Even in Göttingen there was considerable physical damage
. On the image you can see, that our weather station at the FKG recorded a gust wind of 93,4 km/h at 21:14; that was a hurricane force wind!!!


Our FKG was also affected by 'Kyrill'

Two roof tiles were ripped off the roof of our school building here by 'Kyrill' 

Around 50 roof tiles had to be replaced in total

The greenhouse in our school garden was also not spared by the storm.

Luckily no school pupils were nearby at the time of the hurricane, who could have been hurt by the shattered pieces of glass.

'Kyrill' made nothing of a two meter high and twenty-five meter long fence.
Mrs. Silies' school garden AG tidied up.

 Public utility workers were here to clear a ten meter tall tree, which was uprooted near the gymnasium. There are only strands left now.