What do these hurricanes have to do with us???



The hurricane was called Vince, the first one with a ,,V" as the first letter and the closest hurricane  europe has ever had since records began.  It formed on the 9th of October 2005,  about 200km  north-west of Madeira between the Canaries and the Azores.

Its formation was extremely unusual, as it was formed  north 20° latitude and the water only needed to be 23°C for the hurricane to form. (Want more information? Please click here).

Hurricane Vince had a diameter of about 200km. Gusts up to 150 km/h appeared in its area. A gale warning was announced in Madeira.  Waves, up to 3m high, were formed along the coast during the day.  The hurricane just missed Madeira: It moved north-east towards the Iberian peninsula and hit the mainland at the same latitude as the Spanish town Sevilla. Although the storm weakened over the Atlantic, it brought heavy rains, which led to high water levels in parts of southern of Spain and Portugal. In Cordoba for instance, 86 litres per square metre came down, which  is usually the amount that comes down in one month. 

Here you can see, again, the route of the hurricane from 09/10/05 until 11/10/05.

Markus and Jan, 10mn (March 2006), translated by Anja Krämer (year eleven)

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