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The friendly and mild weather is deceptive. In the west beyond the horizon all kinds of weather develop. A few hours later clouds emerge. The wind becomes stronger and gradually moves from the southwest to the west and then on to northwest. The air pressure rises. The cold air from the north has travells around to the far south has finally reached us.Rapidly the clouds approach and change from a brillliant bright white to a threatening dark grey colour. The wind drops and it becomes frighteningly.

Suddenly,  there’s are flashes of lightning followed by rumbles of thunder. A gust of wind sweeps over us. After a short period of time it begins to rain. Rain drizzles down, the large drops bursting as they hit the soil.  It becomes noticeably colder. From the autumn through winter and at the beginning of spring we can expect sleet and snow. Within minutes large puddles form. In the winter the drivers frequently battle with snow on the roads.In the faint light, the various lighting columns spread out in the darkness. Then rain appears.  

Note: We used two exemplary pictres (left) instead of the Cumulus cloud. In the diagram the described period is coloured lightgreen for emphasis .
The cold front is coming  


© Carlo S. und Marcel S. (10f) Juni 2007/ Translated by: Nicholas Ingram (9bil) Feb 2008